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My Profile

Professional Background

My name is Gina Martinez, i am 23 year of age. I come from the beautiful village of San Estevan located in the Orange Walk District. My educational journey started at the age of four. I attended the San Estevan Pre-Scool whereby i graduated at the age of five to begin my primary education at the San Estevan primary School. I succesfully graduated at the age of 12 to begin a totally new experience now as a secondary student. I attended Technical High School located in orange walk town six miles away from my village. I have three years of experience as a primary school teacher.


I have a associates degree in Tourism Management and i am presently pursing my Bachelors in Primary Education.

My Interests

  1. Spending time with my baby
  2. Reading fiction stories
  3. Learn new teaching methods and techniques to integarte in my classroom


As an educator  i do want to grow professionally and be a very efficient teacher in 

and outside the classroom. I love to teach, one of my interest is to gain as much knowledge as i can to pass it on to my students. My goal is to complete my bachelor degree in primary education. I do also plan to do my bachelors in Tourism Management. Apart from being an educator I would love to be a hotel management.


I want to be the best part in my baby's life;#1 MOM, further my education- try my best to be a great educator.




My Projects

Well i plan to use all my knowledge gained from not only this coarse but from all my educational courses and apply it in my classroom environment. I also plan to work hand in hand with my colleagues and share different ideas and suggestions they might have, because every day is a learning experience.

Gina's sandbox

My Reflection