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My Introduction

I am Gill Needham, Head of Strategic and Service Development in the Library at the Open University, UK. My email is [

These are my particular interests

  • digital library developments
  • technology enhanced learning
  • social networking
  • evidence based practice
  • information literacy/knowledge age skills
  • professional development

I have been at the Open University for 10 years. during that time, as well as helping to develop digital library services for students and a programme of information literacy materials, i have authored materials for the following courses;

  1. K302 Critical Practice in health and social care
  2. K223 Managing information in health and social care
  3. U120 Making sense of information in the connected age (MOSAIC)
  4. TU120 Beyond Google

[ the Open University library

I am typing this on Thursday 17th July at the PCF5 at the University of London Institute of Education. Yesterday evening we had a useful knowledge sharing session with librarians from Sri Lanka, Kenya, Botswana, Uganda, India & UK, hosted by the Institute Library. This morning, after an excellent plenary session from Barney Pityana, I listened to a range of speakers in the learner support strand. Anusha's paper on web accessibility was very well received. Had a good discussion over lunch with colleagues from Sri Lanka, India and Cambridge re use of platforms for OERs etc.