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Introduction this is the one of web 2.0 learning time and data which added from different articled my name getnet the following articles come from

Internship Opportunity at CTA: Web 2.0 for Development'

The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA), an international organisation based in Wageningen, The Netherlands has an opening for one intern for a period of 6 months renewable once to work as a member of its ICT Innovation Team.CTA’s mandate puts emphasis on facilitating access, exchange and dissemination of information in the fields of agriculture, rural development and natural resource management.

Background: During the year 2010, CTA successfully implemented Web 2.0 Learning Opportunities in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana and Benin. This resulted in the training of 310 participants, 31% women. Feedback from beneficiaries (individuals and institutions) has been extremely positive and requests for replication of the initiative in other countries have been made. In 2011 CTA extended the same initiative to additional ten countries, namely Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, The Gambia, Zambia, Cameroon, Nigeria, Grenada, Trinidad and Fiji

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