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Contact-new.svg Edwin A. Amado Barón
Esta es mi imagen
Occupation:Investigador independiente
Languages:Castellano, inglés, francés, portugués

Professional Background

Researcher, Independent.

Location: Quito, Ecuador

I was graduated in civil engineering in 2006 at the UPTC. On the university I saw the GIS world, into an optative matter at the end of the career. Just after receiving my title, I worked in a project supported by the European Community in 2007, with the goal of protect natural resources in my region using geomatics. In that project I learnt the power of GIS in the management of natural resources. Then, I decided continue my academical preparation in a selflearning way, studying French and GIS.

My first autonomous experience after my graduation it was to translate from French to Castilian, the documentation of SavGIS, a GIS software developped by the IRD (Institute de Recherche pour le Developpement), a scientific institution for international cooperation of the French Government.

At the beginning of 2009 I discovered the world of GNU/Linux systems and since that time I am a totally satisfied user and advocate of Libre Software. I've had the chance of use operative systems like Venenux, OSGeoLive, all the Ubuntu's family and SLAX, among others, but for me Trisquel is the best option, because it only uses Libre Software and let me work with all Libre GIS Software I need, like GRASS, QuantumGIS (QGIS), gvSIG and Kosmo, OpenJUMP, Viking, GPSPrune, Marble among many others.

At the end of 2010 I had the opportunity of travel to Caracas (Venezuela) to the 2nd Latin American and Caribean Users Journey of gvSIG and to the 1st Peruvian Simposium on Remote Sensing and GIS in Lima (Perú) to expose two works related with FOSS GIS.

At the end of 2011 I found Geopublisher (GP) and AtlasStyler (AS). I translated its interface to Castilian, guided by Stefan Alfons Tzeggai, developer of those two programs. Besides, I wrote a 130 pages handbook and I made some video tutorials about the use of GP. Due to my experience translating and documenting GP, I became an expert making digital multimedia atlases and I begun to work searching for its application in the resolution of social problems in my country.

In may 2012 I was invited by Stefan Tzeggai to form part of Wikisquare, the team that offers professional support for GP. In september 2012 I traveled to Mérida (Venezuela) to expose two works in the 2nd Congreso Venezolano de Sistemas de Información Geográfica, COVESIG, and I lived in that city for two months.

At the end of 2013 I decided begin to travel for the north of South America in order to spread my experience and knowledge in geomatics by means of libre software. In october 2013 I participated in the 4th Congreso Internacional Itinerante de Software Libre in Ibarra, Guaranda and Quito. After that, I went to Tumbes (Perú) between january and march 2013 and then I came back to Ecuador. In abril 2014 I participated in the FLISOL 2014 with a conference and a workshop in the Universidad Nacional del Chimborazo, at the Riobamba city.

Professional site

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