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OER on Instructional design

Welcome to the course on Instructional Design Strategies and Practices offered by the Centre for Educational Technology and Media of the Open University of Sri Lanka. We are delighted to have you join this online course.

The main aim of this course is to help you to design and develop your instruction and to deliver it effectively to your learners.

Target audience for this programme is the Masters level students of the Educational Technology Programme and University teachers who are involved in course design and development.

Learning outcomes

After you have studied this course you should be able to:

- Discover why you need Instructional Design
- Explore what is Instructional Design
- Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Instructional Design
- Formulate theory-based relationships between instructional design methodologies, educational technology and courseware development.
- Analyze the roles, necessary skills and qualifications of an Instructional Designer in a learner-centered learning system.


To begin our journey let us first look at what instructional designers do. To start with please go through this link and come back to this learning place to continue with our study. Now let us see what Dr. Joel Gardner explains about what Instructional Designers do What an Instructional designer do?

What is instructional Design ?

Here we give some reading material for you to know more about Instructional design: Please read these material before you move forward. Curriculum Design and Educational Technology Instructional Design

Let us also to read about what Reigeluth had said about instructional design. eBook

Instructional design types.jpg

Instructional design models

We hope now you have a good idea about instructional design. Our next step is to know about different types of instructional design models available to design your courses.

Gagne's nine events of instructions

Dick and Carey Model

Constructivism and Instructional Design

Post Modern Instructional design Models

Quiz on Instructional design models