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Contact-new.svg (Prashant) Shiv Nath Geerjanan
Employer:University of Mauritius
Occupation:Research Assistant
Other roles:Designer (Freelance)/ Videographer

About me

I am at present working at the University of Mauritius as Research Assistant. I deal with web design, videography and other graphic work. I have a work history in the field of multimedia training.

My Education

Graduated from BHU, India, also did course in multimedia, i started working as trainer in multimedia. Been in this field ever since.

My Interests

Design has always caught my attention, film making,animation, and so on...

My Projects

1. I am working my way through design to enhance usability and interactivity on the web. 2. Video shooting for easier editing and better finish has been my study for quite some time now.


Created a website to upload tutorials.. Here it is... Multimedia Tutorials

Contact me

University of Mauritius - Tel: (230)4541041 (ext:1213) Email: