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“Understanding the multimedia platforms in communicating to a distance learner…” How has the postmodern ideas made such a discussion possible and why this discussion might be important for the stylistic conventions that a Graphic Designer may adopt to be of relevance to a distance learner?

How are we progressing our approach in creating a multimedia platform that will effectively and efficiently communicate to a distance learner in the environment where the learner is? As a Graphic Designer with specialized training in Multimedia Design, I look at what digital communication has got for the Learner in his/her environment, create an understanding and appreciation to the shortfalls that distance learning platforms of communication may fail to address to the learner satisfactorily and to understand if the primary method of delivery is effective and sufficient admist the growing and complex technologies we interact with daily! Beyond the available readily tested platforms, do I dare as a postmodern designer break the rules and bring in a new way of visual representation that may greatly stimulate the mind and challenge the existence of the “used to” old methodologies? Am I able to make easy usability by creating designs that make sense to the foundamental user concerns, emerging technologies and allow greater interaction on new technologies?

I find it greatly challenging, being in Botswana where my social upbringing greatly influences my understanding of another ordinary Motswana who might be learning the ODL way.