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D.G. Ruparel College of Arts, Science and Commerce

The Doongarsee Gangjee Ruparel College, established in 1952 by the Modern Education Society, Pune is rightly known as one of the best institutions of higher education in Mumbai. The top ranks in University Merit Lists, Gold Medals and the high number of First Classes bagged by its students in the examinations of the University of Mumbai reflect the College's constant quest for academic excellence.

In 2010, the College was re-accredited with the prestigious ‘A’ Grade by the NAAC. In the past two years, three teachers have won the Best Teacher Award conferred by the Government of Maharashtra. In 2007-2008, the College won the Best College Award from the University of Mumbai.

Admission to the College is coveted by students due to the exceptional guidance offered by the teachers. The teachers use learner-centric teaching-learning methods to cater to the diversity in the aptitudes, intelligence, learning styles and interests of the students. In addition to conventional teaching, they use non-traditional teaching methods and tools in ICT.

Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities including sports are encouraged to ensure multi-dimensional personality development of the learners. The College has consistently remained among the Top 5 in the Sports Ranking of the University of Mumbai with 4th rank last year.

Mission Statement

In accordance with its motto ‘For the spread of light’, The Modern Education Society aims to create and disseminate an atmosphere of learning and research of a high academic, professional, ethical and ecological standard in which learners can gain knowledge and skills encompassing a wide range of disciplines - humanities, physical, biological and social sciences, law, technology, management and commerce - which will result in multidimensional personality development of the learners and will enable them to fulfill the needs of industry and the community at large.


  • Quest for lifelong learning
  • Learners as the focus
  • Stimulation of active learning
  • Fostering research
  • Efficient governance
  • Collaboration with industry
  • Social responsibility

[Core Values]

About the College

D.G. Ruparel College has completed more than fifty years of glorious service in the field of academics, sports, performing arts and other extra-curricular activities. The College, affiliated to the University of Mumbai, has gathered social recognition over the years as an institution second to none, a fact that is more than adequately proven by the commendable performance of its students at the Higher Secondary Board and University examinations; I.I.T., Medical and Management joint entrance examinations.

History of the College

D.G. Ruparel College established in 1952 owes its pre-eminence in the sphere of education to Seth Gordhandas Jadavji Ruparel and his younger brother Seth Narayandas Jadavji Ruparel of Messrs Doongarsee Gangjee and Sons, Mumbai. In grateful appreciation of their generous and profound interest in our institution, it was named ‘The Doongarsee Gangjee Ruparel College’. Their father Seth Jadavji Doongarsee and uncle Seth Lalji Doongarsee had a close association in business with Messrs Nowrosjee Wadia and Sons; this association was continued by Seth Gordhandas and Seth Narayandas through the establishment of The Ruparel College in Mumbai; a sister institution of the Wadia College which the Wadia brothers, Sir Cusrow and Sir Ness helped the Society to establish in Pune.

Junior College (Higher Secondary) classes started functioning with the Degree College in 1975. In 1980, various bi-focal Vocational courses were introduced at the +2 stage. At present, Electronics, Computer Science and Electrical Maintenance are offered at the +2 stage. In 1988 – 89, Minimum Competency Vocational Course (MCVC) was introduced.

The new Three Year Degree course was introduced by the University of Mumbai in 1977. The Commerce faculty was introduced in the College in 1979 – 80 and the first batch of T. Y. B.Com. students appeared in 1983. Keeping abreast with the advances in the world around and the need of the hour, the College is offering the following paper/courses on a No Grant Basis: Paper in Information Technology at Junior College level B.Sc. in Computer Science M.Sc. - Computer Science B.Sc. – Information Technology M.Sc. - Information Technology • Bachelor of Management Studies (B. M. S.)

• Paper in Information Technology at Junior College level
• B.Sc. in Computer Science
• M.Sc. - Computer Science
• B.Sc. – Information Technology
• M.Sc. - Information Technology
• Bachelor of Management Studies (B. M. S.)