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The three presentations covered 3 diverse projects but we have tried to distil some of the common issues arising from each;

1. Cultures need to be taken into account when developing ODL resources / systems 2. The needs of each set of participants needs to be taken into account – previous experience / access to levels of technology / support from their own institution / even different time zones 3. Protocols – expectations 4. Use a technology that is relevant to the needs of the project and the participants. 5. Language – even a ‘common’ tongue can be misunderstood – e.g. different types of English across the globe. 6. Impact assessment – needs to be considered7. Milestones need to be planned for the developmental pathway of any project 8. Find out if there is something similar already happening 9. Have a back up plan in case a session fails and to help report to those who could not take part 10. Sustainability of project – how will it be maintained?