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Student in CIS50

I am very interested in learning more about computers, information, and data processing because I think it will help me to better understand if I am capable of doing this kind of work for a career. So far I really enjoy working on my computer or better yet, I enjoy tinkering with it especially when it breaks and I try to fix it. I am also interested in other peoples perspectives when it comes to computers and seeing how I can learn from them.

Information System Lifecycle Project

Phase I - Concept Development

I work at Starbucks and an app was created to digitize a Starbucks card so that people can pay scanning the bar code of their card using their smart phone. There is also an app that is used to create your favorite drink and my idea links the two. I want to create an app that you can have your favorite drink be scanned with your smart phone and pop up on the register with out the confusion of people not knowing how to say what they want or not knowing the Starbucks lingo. I am not sure what I will call it but I will figure that out later.

Starbucks drink app

Uses: to make you visit to Starbucks easier and take less time

Users: anyone that goes to Starbucks and has a smartphone

System Information Needed: a system that links smart phones to the bar code scanner and allows the information scanned to sync with the OS and appear on the menu screen in the form of an ordered drink

Information Available to System: the customers current drink of choice

Phase 2 - Further Development

My application will need all of the possible ingredients that Starbucks has to offer. The user will need a smartphone that is capable of being scanned. The current androids and i-phones will work perfectly. The user will need some basic knowledge of the drinks offered. The interface will be user friendly and be laid out in such a way that it resembles the order in which the labels are on the cup. The users will then be able to choose exactly what they want and after they are done a bar code pops up so it can be scanned at the register. The Starbucks will need a bar code scanner that is capable of scanning smart phones. The register will also need software that will make the app, the scanner, and the register compatible. The register will then have the order pop up on the screen asking for confirmation. This is not that far off from the current software used with paying with your digital Starbucks card.

Phase 3 - What and How Development

What my concept will provide is a way for the interaction between consumer and employee to be more efficient by decreasing the amount of time a customer takes ordering a drink and/or the amount of time it takes for the employee to figure out what the customer wants. The input would be the specified drink order from the customer. The app will have a user friendly interface which will provide all of the possible ingredients for a beverage. It would be broken down from the size of the drink to whether or not they want whip cream. The output would be, in terms of the app being scanned, the drink to appear on the monitor at the point of sale. There will be a confirmation message asking the employee to confirm order with the customer and a chance to further modify if necessary. The app will be formatted first by having a window choosing a size and whether its iced or hot. This will be followed by the base type of drink and all of the possible additions like syrups and the type of milk. Then it will break down more specified customizers like the exact temperature, amount of syrup pumps, extra or less of something, and it will then ask if that is all or for more drinks to be placed. There would be a feature to save favorites so as to save time. Then after being scanned, the register will have computed the order via a program that allows for compatibility, the drink will appear as if the employee entered it.

Phase 4 - Further Development

My system will be used primarily by the consumer. The actual implementation of my system will be done by the employer by creating the proper software necessary to facilitate the compatibility of the users device with the hardware, scanning equipment, and the software, the registers OS, of the company. The current hardware which allows for the mobile devices of the consumer to be scanned, allowing them to pay with there digitized gift card, should work to help my idea become a reality. Also the current software which processes the scanned information received from the consumer and renders it compatible with the registers OS which allows to item to be paid for by subtracting the dollar amount from the digitized gift card. I think that it shouldn't be too difficult to configure the hardware and software of the company to include beverage ordering. The costs to create my system shouldn't be too much because there is already a very similar system in place which would only require a little bit of tweaking to achieve the desired results. The time factor isn't too important but as the company becomes more popular and therefore more busy, it would be in the companies best interest to implement as soon as possible. Delays shouldn't impact the flow of business because if any issue should arise in the interaction of devices, the fall back would be the original way of inputting the order manually. The best thing about my idea is that there is no competition. Starbucks is its own competition when it comes to advancing their current capabilities.

Phase 5 - Integration and Testing

It shouldn't be too hard to test and implement my concept. Since there is an app that already has scanning capabilities, it would be easier to test my idea. There would have to be some agreement or collaboration with Starbucks to begin the process after the building of the app can happen. First there will be people to develop the code for the base of my application. There would be people to work on the UI as well as someone who would get all the info from Starbucks as to base parts for drinks i.e types of milk, syrups, sizes, etc. With this combination of people making the app work, there would also be testers to make sure that all the links and little intricacies work as well as figure out all the bugs. Integration will happen slowly and first by the testers. Once they decide that the app works, it will be offered in testing regions to see if people like and would use the app. The only legal regulations that would have to be dealt with before full implementation would be to collaborate with Starbucks and their policies. The minor problems that could arise for the user would be that the app freezes, gets the drink wrong, is not user friendly, or the Starbucks' scanner is broken. All of which would be fixed swiftly of course.

Phase 6 - Deployment and Acceptance

I would have my app launched at a time of the year where business is slowest because if any problems should arise it won't impact sales or customer satisfaction too much. I would also have a testing area of a state that has the most customizations of drinks as this would allow me to further work out the bugs if the need arises. Drinks at Starbucks can get pretty complicated and I would want the app to fail because a drink has a ton of modifications. There would be no need for any formal training for the users as this type of tech is already in place but there will probably need to be some training for the employee so they will know what to expect after the app is scanned. The main criteria for my concept is that it has to be user friendly or else people will just find it easier to order the old way. Also any problem that arise will be dealt with accordingly. If there needs to be a period of time where the app need to shut down for maintenance, it would be a time where business is slowest.

Phase 7 - Production Control

Now that my concept is in the being used phase, the big step here is for maintenance to make sure the application is working smoothly and efficiently. Any time there is and update of Starbucks' system there will be an update to my app preventing any compatibility issues. The users input and suggestions will be examined to see if we can improve the function and use of the app. Also there will be scheduled updates to prevent crashing and freezing as the app's use grows. With the addition of new smart phones updates will also be issued to insure proper compatibility.

Phase 8 - Retirement and Rollover

I don't see my idea lasting that long due to it being an app and the rate of which tech is advancing. At that rate my app will be outdated by some new advanced app or a new advanced device that is not compatible with my app and the need for retirement will be apparent. When the time for retirement comes I would hope to see an app or device that will take its place. I would like to see the new tech or device learn from all the mistakes of its predecessor. Maybe in some crazy future, the moment you walk into a Starbucks you would have been scanned and your order will be started before you pay for it or something along the lines of you send you order via wifi while you wait in line and pay for it at the same time. I wouldn't really be able to transition to the new system unless I developed the new system or I come up with a better idea.