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== Mental Health Vacation School ==

In partnership with mental health service providers in Gippsland, Monash University Department of Rural and Indigenous Health offers third and fourth year allied health and nursing undergraduate, honors and postgraduate students the opportunity to broaden their understanding of the mental health field, become aware of the range of mental health services provided in Gippsland and explore career opportunities with potential employers in the region.

The aims of the vacation school program are to:

orient potential mental health professionals to the region and the mental health employment opportunities, employers and colleagues in the region inform participants about the extent of professional work being done and available in the field, challenge negative perceptions and build positive attitudes towards working in mental health in Gippsland initiate personal relationships between the participants (potential employees) and organisations (potential employers) delivering services in the region, and ultimately to motivate participants to consider working in the region. Please email us for more information at: <>