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About George Christopher.

Introductory Party

  • I'm George Christopher, a university graduate at UDSM, a Tanzanian, not married.
  • I live at Kinondoni Studio and my tribe is Sambaa from Tanga region. I have five brothers and one lovely sister.
  • I'm Christian under Pentecostal denomination.
  • I,m Youth Leader from DPC Youth Ministry to which I'm so glad to be in.

My professional and Interest

  1. I'm an English Teacher by professional but I'm so interested in media especially broadcasting and video production.
  2. I'm always enjoying taking pictures and videos in various events and always I appreciated the pics and videos that I took.
  3. My dream is one day to a journalist and I believe I will make it by God's grace.
An idea improves on being shared

===My H

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