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                   ==Curriculum Vita==

My full names are Frateline Mlashani kashaga. P.O.B.O.X 77483 DAR ES SALAAM TANZANIA, EAST AFRICA My Emails are as follows;, and


  1. 2008-2012- PhD candidate, University of Helsinki- Finland-Department of social policy-Faculty of Social sciences. This PhD work focuses on the Social security for the elderly in post-colonial Africa. The Case Study of Accessibility of Health services to the elderly in Rural Tanzania. The research started in 2006 and now it has reached its terminal phase. The five years experience in ethnographical research about the health services and the welfare of the elderly in rural communities has exposed the researcher to gain the needed skills of conducting similar studies.
  2. 2005-2007- Masters of Arts in Development Studies (M.A-DS) from University of Dar es salaam. This was a detailed ethnographical research carried out in Arusha region, the heart of tourism circuit of Tanzania. The study looked at the “Role of Cultural Tourism in Poverty Alleviation in Rural Areas of Tanzania: The Case Study of Arusha Region. Essentially, this research work was about assessing the livelihood of rural communities in Arusha in regards to the contribution of rural tourism in Tanzania which is known as cultural tourism.
  • 2002-2005- Bachelor degree in Sociology and Anthropology (B.A Sociology) from University of Dar es salaamudsm. A dissertation of community participatory forest management was carried out as a partial fulfillment of the degree requirement. This was initial research work in assessing the involvement of rural communities in forestry management. The researcher acquired skills and knowledge of the welfare of the rural communities in development project.

Research Experiences

  • 2004- 2005- The principal Researcher (Team leader): Evaluation study of the nature and the contribution of cultural tourism in improving the standard of local communities in rural areas of Tanzania. The project was funded by the Embassy of Finland in Dar es salaam-Tanzania. This study covered ten regions namely, Tanga, Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Morogoro, Coastal Region, Mwanza, Kagera, Iringa, Dar es salaam and Mtwara.
  • 2003- Research Assistant on the adolescent sexual behaviour among selected primary and secondary schools of Dar es Salaam region and the project was funded by German Foundation for world population and administered by a local NGO known as Tayota.
  • 2005-2007. The principal researcher of my M.A dissertation(thesis) which looked at the Role of Cultural Tourism in Poverty Alleviation in Rural areas of Tanzania: The Case of Arusha, Region.
  • 2007- Research Assistant in a project of preparing annual UNGASS- REPORT under UNAIDS- Tanzania Office. The project was under Dr. Robert Muhamba of Institute of Development Studies (University of Dar es salaam) as principal researcher. The UNGASS REPORT- is UN agreement signed by 91 member countries in 2001 in USA for countries committement towards combating HIV/AIDS and among other things, it was agreed all member countries to prepare its annual HIV/AIDS evaluation report towards areas that include prevention, ARVs, Care & Support, orphans and reduction of new infections.
  • 2008- 2011. The principal researcher on the study of the experiences of Africans in Europe: Is it a hell or paradise? After the research, the research team is compiling a book to be published early next year, 2012.

Work Experiences

September, 2007—to date, I am an employee of Dare salaam University College of Education(DUCE), the constituent college of the University of Dar es salaam, where I work as an Assistant Lecturer in the department of Development studies of the Faculty of Humanities and Social sciences. I have four years experience of fulfilling the core functions of the university (my employer) namely, teaching, research, consultancy and publications.

  • 2005-2007-, I was employed by the University of Dar es salaam in the Institute of Development Studies as part-Time Tutor for two years. In this capacity as a university part-time tutor, I carried the following duties, first to supervise students academic seminars in various courses related to Development Studies. Another duty was marking the seminar papers and grading them. Finally, I assisted the supervision of university final examinations of students for two years consecutively, 2006-2007.
  • 1998-April, I became the Founding Executive Director of Tayota; the local youth led NGO in Tanzania. In my capacity as Executive Director of Tayota that I served for ten years, I had the following main duties, namely the chief spokesman of the organization, fundraising, recruiting volunteers and staffs, lobbying, training and the in-charge of day to day activities of the organization and all other duties as stipulated in Tayota’s constitution. Through my leadership, Tayota was the first Youth led NGO to spearhead the fight against HIV/AIDS in-schools and out-of-schools Youth in Dar es Salaam. The organization has been a member of various civil society networks in Tanzania such as TEMCO, TANGO, TACOSODE and POLICY FORUM. For the past ten years, Tayota has achieved many things and participated in various government programs as a representative of the youth and a stakeholder. I took part as a representative of Tayota in 1999-2000 in the discussions and all consultative meetings coordinated by World Bank Consultancy to establish Tanzania commission for Aids which is known as TACAIDS. I took part as a stakeholder in 2001 in policy formulation and advocacy, namely HIV-policy 2003 and National Youth policy of 2002.
  • 2003-2004, the chairman of University of Dar es salaam Sociology Students Association- UDASUSO. In this capacity as a chairman of academic association, I facilitated various activities such as organizing public lectures, seminars, workshops, youth concerts and Bonanzas. Through this academic association, I created a platform for young sociologists to meet outstanding scholars in various academic debates.
  • July-November, 2006, the chairman of the organizing committee of Mwalimu Nyerere national Youth Forum on HIV/AIDS held at the University of Dar e salaam to commemorate the 7th anniversary of the death, the father of nation. The event was attended by more than ten thousand- Tanzanian youths from all works of life including students from higher learning institutions.
  • 1997-1998, I became the President of Institute of Finance Management Students Organization (IFM-SO). As a president of Student government of one of the reputable higher learning institutions in Tanzania, I had many duties; one of them was to bridge the gap between the students and the college management. I represented more than 1500 students in all higher decision making organs of the college including the institute governing council which is the supreme decision making organ. I had to appoint the cabinet in consultation with my vice-president and secretary general in order to make sure the welfare of students and other student’s problems are put under control.
  • 1998- I became the member of organizing committee of the first International Students week in Tanzania which brought together students from America, Europe, Asia and other African countries, the conference was represented by more than 30 countries.

2005-2006- I worked as a part-Time teacher of Kinondoni Secondary School in Dar es Salaam


  • 2004- A joint paper on the Role of civil society organization in democratization process in Tanzania by Elliot Niboye(PhD), Senior Lecturer-University of Dar es salaam and Frateline Kashaga(PhD researcher) & Assistant Lecturer-UDSM-DUCE, published in Journal of African Studies Volume 1, University of Pecs-Hungary, the publication is in Hungarian language.
  • 2004- A joint paper on the view of Young African intellectuals on the impact of globalization on developing countries from African perspective by Elliot Niboye(PhD), Senior Lecturer-University of Dar es salaam and Frateline Kashaga(PhD researcher) and Assistant Lecturer-UDSM-DUCE.
  • 2007- Annual UNGASS- REPORT (2007)- UNAIDS- Tanzania Office

2011- The Elderly at the Cross Roads: The Dichotomy of Modernity and Traditional Life Style in Post-Colonial African Society: The Case Study of Bukoba District. This scientific article published by Finnish Anthropological Journal, Vol, 14, page, 67-87, 2011

  • 2011- Traditional Social Security System for the Elderly in Post-colonial Africa: Case Study of Bukoba District, Tanzania. This scientific article published by Nordic Journal of African Studies, Vol 23, page 45-67, 2011.

2011- My first book (academic text), the title is “The Commoditization of Culture for Rural Tourism in Tanzania”: Published by Lambert Academic publisher in German.

Other professional trainings

  • 1998- The participant and paper presenter at the world Youth Festival and EXPO-98 in Lisbon-Portugal, the event was attended by 25,000 youths from all 191 UN member states. The event was organized and sponsored by United Nations in collaboration with the government of Portugal. Among others, there were series of seminars, workshops, Exhibitions of cultures of different countries, sports, games and political speeches from UN Secretary General and the presented of government Portugal. I attended the event representing IMF-SO in my capacity as president of student government.
  • 1999- The participant of the international Student week in Illeminu Technological college-German (ISWi, 1999). This was two weeks intensive program for international students and youth that included seminars, panel discussions, workshops, sports, debates and tourism in German.
  • 2002- The participant and paper presenter of the 2th International Multispectral conference on HIV/AIDS in Arusha Tanzania. This international workshop organized by ministry of Health in collaboration with various stakeholders such as Muhimbili University college of Health and Applied Science and National Aids control program (NACP).

2003- The participant and paper presenter at the international cultural week in Pecs –Hungary. The event includes seminars, workshops, presentation and cultural events of University students from different countries in the world.

  • July, 2005: The participant of training of trainers (TOTs) on good governance, multiparty politics, role of civil societies, civic education and (electoral process) voter education in general. In my capacity as Executive Director of Tayota, I became the program manager of the Voter’ education program that was funded by a basket fund of countries such as Finland, Denmark, Canada, German, Britain, Norway, Ireland, The Netherland and international organizations. The fund was managed by PMU-UNDP office and TAYOTA was one of 34 NGOs that were selected to carry out the activity.
  • September, 2007: The participant of the “Training on Public Expenditure Tracking”, budget cycle, gender budgeting, good governance and facilitation skills conducted by a Tanzanian NGO known as Research for Poverty Alleviation in Tanzania (REPOA).

October, 2007. The participant of one week Training about “Manage Your Grants” conducted by TRACE-Tanzania on behalf of the Foundation For Civil Society as a pre-condition before receiving grants from them, I attended the training in capacity of the director of Tayota which was among the NGOs that received funds from Foundation.

  • 2008- The participant of the international seminar on United Nations Intellectual History project under the main theme: UN-IDEAS IN ACTION: PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE held at the House of the Estate government building of Finland- Helsinki-Finland. This was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland in collaboration with United Nations Intellectual History project-Team under the Team leader, Professor Thomas G. Weiss, the Director, Ralph Bunche Institute of International Studies, the City University of New York, USA, Other members in the team, Prof. Dr. Louis Emmerij, Ralph Bunche Institute, Co-director of the UNIHP, Dr. Sir Richard Jolly, Institute of development Studies, University of Sussex, co-director of the UNIHP and Dr Devaki Jain, former Director of Social studies Trust, New Delhi-India and the former member of South commission which was chaired by former, Tanzanian president, J.K Nyerere. As young researcher, I had an opportunity to have face to face interviews with all of them in various global issues and UN in particular, but again this was a greater opportunity to reflect on how ideas have been generated in UN for the past sixty, 60 years, I was glad to learn that the Team had conducted similar international seminars to different countries in the world to accomplish their work of writing 20 volumes of books on UN Intellectual History on how ideas have been generated in UN. I was glad to be part of the participants and my contribution will shape the present and future role of UN.
  • 24th to 25th April, 2008, the participant of an international conference on development, justice, governance and new challenges in the global south. This was organized by the Finnish Society for Development Research in partnership with Institute of Development Studies, University of Helsinki and European Association for Development Research (EADI) . The event took place at the main building of the University of Helsinki-Finland.

August, 2008. The participant of three weeks summer school for PhD students on Conceptual history. This training about the history of ideas or concepts that we use in social sciences broadened my horizons on the power of language in social sciences research. After the summer school, I was awarded a diploma from the University of Helsinki.

  • July, 2010, the participant in one month summer school at St. Petersburg in Russia. This was intensive training program on the political history of Russian empire that was accompanied with various study tours in different parts of Russian ancient city of St. Petersburg, the home of Russian civilization.
  • June, 2011, the participant, paper presenter and discussant at the 4th European Conference on African Studies held at the Nordic Institute of African Studies-Uppsala-Sweden. There were many international lectures, seminars, workshops, academic exhibitions of books and journals.




Professor Severine Rugumamu,(PhD) Institute of Development Studies University of Dar es salaam, P.O.B.O.X 35169, Dar es salaam-Tanzania.

Professor Marja Liisa Swantz

C/o Institute of Development Studies University of Helsinki P.O.B.O.X 59 Unioninkatu 38E, Helsinki-Finland