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Frances Watling

Where am I?

Hi from Gisborne. I live out here on the East Cape. Working in lots of schools in the region, in my job as an RTV. The long title is a Resource Teacher of Vision which always makes me feel that I should arrive at schools laden with 'resources!' However, the job is partly advisory and partly direct teaching. I work with learner's that are blind or have low vision. This group of learner's aren't all located in one place and so the job involves a fare bit of driving to get to the various schools. As you can imagine this doesn't always feel like the best use of my time - so I am really keen to find out about ways to reach people on line.

Checking out what you can do!

I work for the school BLENNZ which stands for Blind and Low Vision Education Network NZ. The following link takes you to the website: BLENNZ

My sandboxes

Practicing a List

Favourite Things to Eat

  • pumpkin soup
  • rice salad
  • chocolate

In order

  1. pumpkin soup
  2. rice salad
  3. chocolate

Ha for those that know me this is stretching the truth a little!!!

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My Objective Will Go Here - when I've worked out what this is.....
  • one - be more decisive
  • two - be more decisive

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Web Resources


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Now You Need To Compliment the Artist!
  • send her an email
  • buy a painting!

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Go home and open a nice bottle of wine
  1. relax
  2. enjoy