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AGE: 50 YEARS HIGHEST LEVEL OF EDUCATION: Master of Public Health and Epidemiology (MPHE)of Kenyatta University. PROFESSIONAL TRAINING: Educationist(holder of a bachelors degree in education of the University of Nairobi) CURRENT EMPLOYMENT:Working as an Assistant Director in charge of Physical Sciences area at the Kenya Institute of Education,the National Instituite responsible for Educational Research and Curriculum Development in Kenya.

Image of an electronic technician working on a micro-chip circuit board

PUBLICATIONS: I have published the following books: KCPE Science Preparatory course, Prmary Science Teaching Methods 1(General Methodology),Primary Teacher Education (PTE) Science Guide. Also co-authored the following books Primary Teaching Methods -Core Module,Primary Teaching Methods - Science Module for the Ministry of Education Kenya.

INTERES/HOBBIES: Travelling,Writing,Reading,Public Speaking.

PERSONALITY: SANGUINE. LANGUAGES: English,Kiswahili,Kiembu,Kikuyu.