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Contact-new.svg Francina Makondo
Employer:University of Zambia
Occupation:Information Scientist
Other roles:Trainer
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Francine's page

About me

Welcome. My name is Francine. I work for the University of Zambia. I am a Zambian lady, residing in Avondale, Lusaka. I am a Christian. I love learning new things.

My work

I work for the University of Zambia, at the Medical Library. I am the Head of Medical Library, whose objective in to make available biomedical information resources to students and staff of the School of Medicine. The Medical Library is situated at the University Teaching Hospital, just above the mortuary. I am also involved in the teaching of information and research skills to students of the School of Medicine and other schools in the University.


My passions include:

  • Reading
  • Webpage designing and construction
  • Organising events

My family

I am married and have three sons. One of my children is at the University of Zambia, pursuing a Law degree. The names of my children are:

  1. Matthew
  2. Mark
  3. Luke

I also live with two other nephews.

Why I joined this workshop

It is my love for learning that gave me impetus to register for this workshop. I am passionate at pursuing new things and I believe that from this workshop, I will be able to learn how create course materials, that I will help me in my job. I also just like to meet new people because I believe every person has some new knowledge to offer.