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Fiona Ernesta

Welcome to my User Page. I live in Seychelles, a group of islands that resembles paradise. I work with the Ministry of Education and I am the Director Genral for the Technical and Further Education Division. I am really glad to be working with Wiki again. It has been so long.



Welcome to this module on stress management. We are aware that many demands are made on teachers and the teaching profession has become increasingly stressful. This module provides the necessary tools to enable them to effectively cope with stress. The target audience for the module includes teachers at any level of the education system as well members of the institutions' managment team.

Managing Stress Sessions

The module is practical oriented. Participants will engage in workshops where they will develop skills required to cope effectively with stress.


This is a 40 hour module and sessions run for five days of eight hours per day. The module will run during school holidays.


The module has been developed specifically for teachers and managers of educational institutions.

Detailed Content of the Managing Stress Sessions

Detailed content and other useful resources will be provided as additional links soon.