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Today is: 23, July 2024

Fatai Akinkuolie
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Website:University of Belize
Employer:University of Belize
Occupation:Dean Faculty of Management & Social Sciences
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Fatai Akinkuolie Fatai Akinkuolie is currently a lecturer at the University of Belize'

He is also the Dean of the Faculty

He is currently attending the Wiki workshop today, the 17th of april,2009



Faculty of Managemenmt and Social Sciences


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This GSTU 101 Online course is designed for new and returning students who require assistance in effective scheduling and time management, building analytical, oral, written and communication skills, and development of learning habits. It also caters to students with minimum technological background desiring to improve study skills neccessary to excel in college.

[edit] Aims of GSTU 101 Online To develop an independence in utilizing essential tools and techniques for long term learning To enable students to develop study skills early in their selected program through a self-paced environment that stimulates responsibility To promote a mature student environment whereby students are equipped with the necessary skills to take charge of their own learning To motivate and build students locus of control To create an awareness of the roles and responsibilities of an active learner To encourage smooth transition from high school to college To build students confidence and moral in learning To develop a positive learning culture at the University of Belize To provide students with the necessary research skills to cite and reference information To develop students reading, writing, visual and metacognitive skills for life long learning

Effectiveness of GSTU101 Online

To provide students with a how – to guide to allow smooth transition from regular to online classes. Weekly synchronous and asynchronous group discussions should provide effective, interactive communication between faculty and students Students will receive regular assessments and formative evaluation through the duration of GSTU101 Online. Each section of the online course will be managed by a team of UB personnel that includes faculty members supported by a technical staff. Availability of self-paced activities that stimulates effective study habits necessary in higher education. Added support such as counseling, advising and mentoring will be provided to develop students self-efficacy within a self-regulated learning environment.

Skills to be Developed Study Skills Time Management Skills Student Life Skills Critical Thinking Skills Units [edit] Student Success [edit] Writing Strategies [edit] Research


UB UB UBUniversity of Belize's Website


Mission Statement The University of Belize is a national, autonomous and multi-location institution committed to excellence in higher education, research and service for national development.

As a catalyst of change it provides relevant, affordable and accessible educational and training programs that address national needs based on principles of academic freedom, equity, transparency, merit and accountability.

Vision Statement In the next five years the University of Belize is dedicated to fostering Belize's development by producing graduates who are socially and ecologically responsible, analytical, self-confident, disciplined, ethical, entrepreneurial, and skilled communicators and who are committed to using these skills and values for Belize's enrichment.

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