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Colorful Milk Designs!

Hi; I set you up here:Colorful_Milk_Designs Dmccabe 00:38, 19 January 2009 (UTC)


  1. disposable cups
  2. 2% milk
  3. food coloring
  4. white glue
  5. dish washing soap

What to Do

  • Let the milk warm up a little first. This makes it easier to see the colors!
  • Pour the milk into the disposable cups
  • Drop in the food coloring in the shape of a triangle or a square
  • Put a drop of dish washing soap in the middle of the design

Why does this work?

The fat in the milk separates, and the food coloring replaces the space where the fat used to be to make a great design!

More Science!

For another fun surprise, replace the milk with white glue. Do the same procedure, let it harden, then you have a beautiful colored disk!