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Organization Information

Organization name:Curriculum Development Centre (CDC)

Organization address: P.O Box G23

Landline: 30116

Participant Information

Name: Ellen Wairiu

Gender: female

Date of Birth: 19/12/1970

Nationality: Solomon Islander

Country where you live and work now: SI

Affiliation/organisation: CDC

E-mail address:

New page

My way

Solomon Islands Curriculum Development Centre

CDC primary division website [1]

External links Workshop participants discussing (18/02/08)

Internal links Workshop participants discussing (18/02/08)

Pedagogical Wiki Templates

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At the end of the lesson the children will be able to understand how important to have a clean environment

The text - Learning is reflective and something that results from interaction between and among people

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Work in groups of five and discuss your environment
  • part one
  • part two

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Walk around your community and record the activities that can spoil your environment

What to do;

  1. Make a list
  2. Write a report on your survey

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Case Study


(Comment.gif: Good work! I'm impressed with the progress you have made. Well done! Wayne Mackintosh 06:57, 19 February 2008 (UTC))