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Hi my name is Eileen and I come from Papua New Guinea. I only heard of the Wiki through accessing Wikiencyclopedia...and that would have been only a few times before. However I never really understood what the Wiki was until I was invited by COL to attend the Samoa bootcamp. So to me it was a learning curve and I have enjoyed the experience, AND mind you, I am still learning new things!!!

"abit" ABOUT MYSELF! ...(and will add somemore as time goes on!!)

I hold a BSc degree from the Universtiy of Papua New Guinea, majoring in Geology. After graduating, I worked briefly as a wellsite Geologist with Chevron Niugini (no longer in PNG). I then worked as an instructional designer with the University of PNG Open College for 5 years, upon which I then moved on to my present position, which is as the Coordinator for the Centre for Disaster Reduction.

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