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working on my sandbox

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University staff capacity building programme that I initiated and am coordinating has been implemented for one cohort of staff. It contains three modules: Pedagogy, ICT and Project Management for university teaching staff. A second group is to be trained in the next long holidays. The pioneer group appreciated the training they received though some organisational, curricular and pedagogical inadequacies were experienced.

next step

It is expected that participation in the TOT will go a long way in equiping me with new knowledge, skills and attitudes needed in training university staff more effectively. I also expect to gain new insight to share with my training team in the university in order for us to run the programme to our participants’ expextations and needs.

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General methods of teaching

Classroom communication interactin

Systems approach to teaching

Teaching methods and strategies

planning for instruction


types of evaluation

  • formative
  1. entry behaviour
  2. prerequisite knowledge
  • embeded
  • summative
  1. tests
  2. exams
  3. projects
    • research
    • other projects
    • other tasks