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What are the causes of workers' late reporting in Dar es Salaam City?


There are many reasons for this. Among the few, first is Traffic jam, second lack of passable feeder roads, third too many cars moving to one central place DSM city. On the other hand power supply problem contibutes to theproblem. Traffic lights do not operate as required necessitating Traffic Police to lead drivers. Given that traffic lights are sycronized,the time taken to direct the vehicles may not be the same when people substitute the lights.The effects of traffic jams in terms of revenue losses have been reported by many stakeholders

Some efforts have been directed to alleviating this problem like the introduction of using two lanes towards the direction encountering high traffic. However this move brought confusion among drivers. Accidents were reported in some places like Magomeni.Due to this the practice has been abolished.

Irrespective of the logistical problems, a committed worker should factor in these problems in the day schedule for punctuality at work.