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For my midterm topic, I researched the Millennium Goal "Achieve Universal Primary Education" because I believe if good education is prevalent throughout the world, there will be less problems all around. For all we know the cure for cancer could be trapped in the brain of someone in a third-world country because they don't have the education to know how to put it to use.

[1] This is an article describing some of what Ericsson does to help with this Millennium Goal. It also tells about Ericsson and Vivo working together to bring education to villages in the Brazilian Amazon. They bring technology and ways to connect with the world to learn.

[2] This arcticle again talks about how Ericcson is helping with this Millennium Goal. They will be helping in Myanmar by helping establish a better education system with computers. This project seems as though it will take a while to be perfected and completed, but when it is it will be extremely helpful for a nation with extreme poverty.

[3] This article talks about Ericsson setting up 3G networks and computers in schools in Hawzen, Ethiopia. They trained the teachers on how to use the computers and how they can be used to educate their students. This article talks about how the teachers and students were showed things like Google and Wikipedia for the first time, and the awe they were in when they first used them. They seemed to be extremely curious about what can be found online and, according to the author of the article, the teachers quickly began looking up new curriculum on Google.

I believe is this problem is solved, it will have a dramatic effect on how our world solves problems, even what problems exist. As long as the world does not stand on equal footing, many problems will arise. We need to educate the world equally, so that many different people can try to solve the rest of the problems. The answers to some of our problems could be trapped in the minds of the less fortunate because they don't have the education to know how to put it to use.