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Research question

1.Who invented the game of baskettball? 2.and what is the


It's very nice to correspond with student from Mullen high school of Denver. We discuss about the book Night by Elli Wiesel, the book is good, interesting and thrilling. We discuss about the morality of survivor and life during the Holocaust we also talk about the actions of the author, if the actions are right or wrong and what he needed to do if is action are wrong. The first time we discussed we told to write who we are and what our interests. We need to talk about our family and if they where in the Holocaust.

How to do the Bagrut Project

What will the project look like when it is finished?

The project will include ALL of the following elements:

  1. an attractive cover page
  2. a table of contents
  3. an introduction (about a page) which will include, why you chose the topic you chose, and WHAT ARE THE QUESTIONS THAT YOU PLAN TO ANSWER IN THE PAPER
  4. the main body of the project - which will essentially be the answers to the questions presented in the introduction. (3-5 pages - based on at least 4 sources for 5 pointers, and 3 sources for 4 pointers)
  5. Conclusions/Reflection (about ½ - 1 page)
  6. Reflection
  7. Creative part of the project which could be a collage of photos, crossword puzzle, a poem you wrote, a dance you created, musical piece, a made up interview or real survey you conducted or any other creative and original work you developed.
  8. A Bibliography. (a list of the sources you used for your paper)
  9. Appendix with photocopies/printouts of all the sources used for the paper. You must show that you have read the sources, by using highlighting, margin notes, and a list of main points of each source

Students will make a short oral presentation about their projects to the class. (More on this later)