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Elephants and Tsunami

Tsunami is a huge way, caused by a chain-reaction that begins with an earthquake down in the sea's floor. The quake causes massive virbration, which leads to a huge wave that crushes on the coast lines. Science and technology has being trying to find ways to predict such earthquakes in order to warn people and save many lives. However, technology has yet found an enougth efficient device that will help in this goal. In 2004, a great Tsunami hited Thailand coast lines, which ended up in 300,000 victims. Just before the Tsunami hited, some elephants with tourist on them went crazy and ran away from the danger zone, and by that saved many lifes. Animals and their connection to Tsunami has been known for alot of time, since the 70's there were investigations about the subject. However, scientists remain skeptical, because there are yet no clear evidences showing how animals, or elephants in our case, can predict earthquakes. Although, there is no doubt animals do have some connection to predicting earthquakes, as the 2004 example clearly shows. The only question is when we will find the empirical evidence for their ability of predicting, and how will we use them in order to save many lives in the future.


Listening is one of the hardest skills to develop, mainly because of our behavior. We get bored quickly if we don't watch something interesting while listening. Therefore, many times we just don't know what the person is talking about, which makes it even harder to concentrate and listen.

I'm a good listener, probably because I don't get distracted easily. Although, I'm still having problems in some cases to listen, because some people just don't know how to talk so people listen. I believe that in order to make someone listen, you must have a conversation with him. That way you are not just talking, but also getting him into it as well. It also helps you to figure out whether he understands what you are saying or not.

Furthermore, some humor might spice up the listening a little bit, at least for me. There are many other ways, however one thing is without doubt – listening is a skill that we can improve.

High Holidays

Rosh Hashana

Rosh Hashana is a jewish holiday that is reffered to the Jewish New year. In this holiday people do not work. They rest, eat a large meal at Erev Rosh Hashana and saying "Shana Tova!" to everyone and everything in sight. The most common thing about Rosh Hashana is the sound of the Shofar and eating apple with honey.


Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur is one of the most important jewish holidays. In this holy day there is a traditional fasting, which lasts approximely 25 hours. In this day people usually wear white, and asking people "sorry" in order to make up on their sins or wrong behavior in the past. The main purpose of this day is forgivness. In addition, in this day many daily things are not allowed, including washing, working, turning on lights\fire, driving and etc. People with bad health or people who take medication are allowed to drink and eat, of course. In the end of Yum Kippur, there is a large meal which ends the fasting.


Sukkot is a jewish holiday which occurs on the 15th of Tisherey. The holiday lasts 7 days, and the tradition is to build a Sukkah. A sukkah is a small improvised house which people sleep in during that 7 days. The sukkah is resemble to the huts in which the ancient Israelites reside during their 40 years of wandering in the desert.


Applying for a Visa

From Eran Hundia, Israel

Iros Argaman, 59\4

Dear Sir,

My name is Eran Hundia. I am writing to you because I wish to recieve a visa in order to study accounting in the United States. I have finished 5 points accounting in my high school, Ort Guttman, and got a type B accounting degree from the ministry of occupation. I wish to learn in the United States for a degree in accounting, and then progress to tax consultation. The reason I want to learn in the U.S is because in Israel the market is tough - there are no jobs. My plan is to stay in the U.S for approximately 10 years, then I will decide whether I will move back to Israel or to Europe.

Thank you,

Eran Hundia


Today, one of our most common problems is stress. It effects everybody, everywhere, from normal easy stress to a high and dengerous stress. Among teens, stress is a major problem, due to their lifestyle of constant tests and schoolwork, combines with the teen regular problems and their growing up while in all of this so called 'mess' brings alot of stress to them.

Test stress is the most dengerous stress for teens, because even a very seccesfull student might fail when his under stress. Therefore, when it comes to stress, teens need a good effective way to deal with test-stress. Too bad there is no sure way to deal with such stress, however there are ways that might reduce stress, such as: breathing deeply, counting till 10, closing your eyes or even eating and drinking a bit during the exam. Each person is being effected diffrently, therefore try all of these ways to find the one that suits you the most. The second stress, the 'routine stress' can be dealt by keeping a healthy lifestyle with a good balanced diet and regular exercise. By combining all of this you will be able to reduce your stress levels and with hope to live better as well.