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Contact-new.svg Ethnelda Ramirez Paulino
Ethnelda Ramirez Paulino
Website:University of Belize Website
Employer:University of Belize, Central Campus, Belmopan, Faculty of Arts and Education
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Paulino's sandbox


  • I am a highly energetic and dedicated individual, specialized in English, Literature, Social Studies, Communications and Teacher Education. My goal is to provide the quality education to people of all ages, genders, cultures, religion, sexual orientation and others. I am a graduate of the University of West Indies and have just completed all the course requirements for a Masters Degree in Teacher Education. My project entails research on the contrastive analysis, target language, language policy and language planning.

2.2 Also:

  • Experience Belize
  • English for Special Purposes
  • Garifuna for Special Purposes

3.Special Interests at University of Belize (UB)


  • I am particularly interested in student development. This perspective postulates that we should deliver programmes and services which contribute to both academic and developmental goals of students, as well as provide basic services that facilitate learning and development (Upcraft et al, 1996).
  • 3.1 University of Belize, Early Childhood Stimulation Centre – Brain child of Dr. Vilma Joseph of UB, lecturers Amado Chan, Leonardo Pott, Elma Arzu and myself always took an interest in this project. At its inception, I taught the first students who enrolled, until lead persons were recruited. At that time, I lost my fear of teaching infants, enjoyed what I did at the school in those first days and never lost interest in Early Childhood Education. I believe that in time, this Centre will be more beneficial to the university if provisions are eventually made for student practice.
  • 3.2 Language Development – Belize is a multilingual, multicultural society; but, I have the firm belief that given the opportunity, motivation, tools, etc, our students will be able to master English, which is our target language, without losing the many languages that contribute to Belizean diversity.
  • 3.3 To enhance the development of students, I approached colleagues of mine to develop a UB Gender Centre. Planning is in progress.
  • 3.4 I am also quite passionate about including online components in Face to Face classes in order to prepare students for use of the World Wide Web. For the past 5 years, my 'Communications'students have participated in Global Communications with Lisa Stefani and Grossmont college in San Diego. Media:Global Communications. The first lecturer to join me was Silvana Woods (Silvana Wudz, then Mrs. Alberita Enriquez, (Aka~Rita).In the August -December 2008 semester the Belmopan, Belize City, and Toledo Campuses participated. Most recently, Lecturers Dr. Tun (Belize City) and Gillian Miller (Toledo) introduced this activity to their classes. Lecturers and students, alike enjoy this educational on-line activity.

Work experience

  • Teacher, Elementary Education
  • 4.2 Secondary Education: Head of English Department
  • 4.3 Co-coordinator: Alternative High School Education for at-risk students
  • 4.4 Facilitator: Social Studies, Teacher Summer Programmes, Belize
  • Work Skills Preparedness Programme, Belize
  • Communication Skills for Belizean Teachers
  • Creative Writing, Reading, Counselling at George Price Centre


  1. Teaching
  2. reading
  3. writing
  4. editing
  5. cooking

Scenes from Workshops

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