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(Comment.gif: Ian, this is a good start/ Adding some images and internal and external links will get you to the next level. Warm regards, Patricia)

Enock's Sandbox

It's a Wiki - it's always under construction!

Editing text seems relatively easy but I'm surprised the editing isn't WYSIWYG.

Indenting Text Example

indent text level 1
and level 2
and level 3.

Bulleted list

  • lists are easy
  • start each line
  • with an asterisk
    • or two
    • to nest or list

Numbered list

  1. ordered lists are good
  2. and very easy to follow
    1. like this
    2. and this

Mixing list types

  1. Number 1
  2. Number 2
    • The first nested bullet
    • The second nested bullet
  3. Number 3

What happens if you do it the other way around?

  • Number 1
  • Number 2
    1. The first nested bullet
    2. The second nested bullet
  • Number 3


  • When using these listing methos don't put a leading space - because it will not work!