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What is happening to us????

it disturbs me to see the ruthless attitude the people of this world are acquiring.The true and genuine human feelings have made way for fakeness and insensitivity, so much so that today most people can't be taken at face value.


as the maxim goes- "Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly". this is wat distinguishes us.We are taking ourselves too seriously and this does not let us experience the simple human emotions anymore. We have forgotten to laugh at ourselves, at our mistakes.

all we need is 'results'. every action is 'result oriented' and in the process we are willing to "crush and deride" anyone who comes in our way.

we have made a complex web out of our lives.

we have started to look for happiness in material things when one can experience happiness just by seeing a small baby smile.

in this rat race i am finding it hard to trust people, i am losing myself, putting on several masks scared of being recognised. this brutal coldness, ruthlessness scares and saddens me...

is there a way out? there hope??.....or m i being too pessimistic??

what say friends??.........


2nd year