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The teachers of the English Department had organized a discussion seminar with Dr. Nirmalaya Samanta on the topic, literature and art. He was welcomed by the President of the English Society, Harpreet. He said that it is impossible to talk of literature without mentioning about the visual arts. Painting and Sculpturing come under visual arts. Painting started even before coherent words were formed and that can be seen in the caves in Spain where human being painted on the walls of the caves fifteen thousand years ago. Man learnt sculpturing as a part of rituals and customs. Human Beings expressed themselves through structures like the Pyramids.Then he also introduced us to the concept of Helographics. According to hi, it is very important to learn that language come from art. He also mentioned the example of Sanjaya narrating to Dhritrashtra; in Mahabharata, attempting to make him visualize through narration. Literature is an interpretation of art. Existence of literature happens only when it is recorded, sometimes by the artist and sometimes by the writer himself.Then he also talked about the medieval art and paintings in Europe at that time. Then he also discussed about Renaissance and the various artists of that age like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. The he also told the relationship between literature and cinema. And while summing it up, he said that we need to internalize to write something. It has to be a personal experience only then can something be created. Then the vote of thanks was given by the Head of English Department, Dr. Anubha Mukherjee and the Vice-President of the English Society, Mansi Grover.

By: Mansi Grover English(Hons.)IIyear


The 2nd and the 3rd year English Hons students organised a jamming in sessions for the new members of the Englih Society-ZEST...The session consisted of fun filled activties and games which helped to break the ice and also helped in the bonding between the seniors and juniors...After this session there is no prejudices in juniors about their seniors .. and they r not very good friends with them .. The jamming session saw a guitar com singing performance by Samarth Goyal on the song Take it easyby Eagles, a dance performance by Ritika Khera and a singing performance by Kanika Chawla who sang Rihanna's Take a bow'and also we saw a dance come mimcry performance by Tapan,Satya and Neelkamal


The theme of the freshers party was BLACK N BLUE.... and everyone looked stunning in this combo per se...The highlight of this event was the guys dressed in a sari...that was quiet a sight though..apart from this fun games were played like eating ice cream without the help of hands and soley with the was very entertaining to ice cream smudged on the nose,face, was even more hilarious to see students wrapped in toilet roll...Mr.Fresher was Satya and Miss.Fresher was Deepanvita..all in all it was a great fun and memorable experience for all...There was a musical performance by Samarth , Mridu and Dorothy . There was by the third years and the first years as well . Overall it was a funday and everyone enjoyed it completely


Dr. Nirmalaya Samanta gave us a specialised .lecture on W.B. YEATS(1865-1939)He spoke extensively on Yeats' life and his philosophy.He pointed out that Yeats' literary carrer spaned roughly about 50years,as he had started writing at ayoung age of 20.Unlike a young lad of his age ,Yeats was inspired by old age,death and going away.Dr.Nirmalaya Samanta also pointed out that Yeats was a 'mythopoeic poet' as mythology and fokelore played a major part in his works.He also brought to our notice that Yeats was facinated by Maud Gonne and she became an overwhelming influence upon his life and imagination.Yeats wrote poems celebrating her beauty and proposed to her four times and was turned down each time.According to Dr. Samanta 'No Second Troy' is a powerful poem to express love.In later part of his life Yeats started living in a place called 'The Tower'which also became a powerful symbol in Yeats works.Conflict is important in Yeats -conflict between subjective and objective ,conflict between dream and reality and conflict between private and public.Yeats finds resolution to the conflicts in 'Among School Children', where he uses powerful symbols of the 'chestnut tree' and the 'dancer'.Later Dr.Samanta also compared him to T.S. Elliot.Yeats grave in Drumchiff bears the inscription; "cast a cold eye on life ,on death Horseman pass by!"

By Harpreet Kaur 3rd year

Inaugural Function of the English Society- ZEST

The Department of English in its meeting held on 25thJune 09 decided to begin the academic year with a flourish. The English Society Zest under the aegis of Department Of English is planning to hold a five day inaugural function spread over two weeks starting on 15th July 09.

The objective behind this plan is to give a jump start right in the beginning of the session so that the students are left with ample time for purely academic exercises through the year.

Moreover it has been our experience that if we orient our students to various English literature (An Interactive Induction Session of the New Batch conducted and supervised by the 2nd and 3rd year students.)

and the associated arts right in the beginning of the session, it provides a positive impetus even in the classroom. Since all the activities that have been planned are interactive in nature it also works as an ice breaker for the new batch of students and helps their quick integration with the College.

1. A Slideshow Orientation by the Senior Students: 15th July 09.

2. Jamming Session: 20th July, 09. (An Interactive Induction Session of the New Batch conducted and supervised by the 2nd and 3rd year students.)

3. An audio visual presentation on by the faculty:- 24th July ’09.

4. Painting Workshop: 25th July, 09.

(Will be conducted by a professional group, who will teach innovative techniques in the craft of painting. Details will be discussed with you).

5. A Lecture Demonstration on the Philosophy Of Dance by a famous Western Dance Exponent Dr. Lalita Wadhwar:- 27th July 09.

6. An Interactive lecture demonstration on free and open sources in education on the Web : Mr.Niyam Bhushan :28th July,09

7. A lecture demonstration on Film Studies and Career options by Dr.Nirmalya Samanta:-29thJuly,09.

8. The Gift of Gab: An interaction with a celebrated Radio Jockey on Career Options:- 30th July’09.

9. A lecture demonstration on Production of Radio Documentaries and career options by Ms.Bosudha Bannerjee; Producer All India Radio- 31st July,09.

10. A library Orientation Trip to BCL, Sahitya Akademi, American Centre. 3rd August.

The dates are subject to change depending upon the availability of the Speakers and other exigencies. I will submit a detailed plan of estimated expenditure for your sanction.

Thanking You.

Dr. Anubha Mukherji Sen

TIC Department of English.14th July 09