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My name´s Elysio Soares Santos Junior, but you can call me just Elysio. I´m graduated in psychology from State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; however, I´ve been engaged in EFL teaching since early 2001, after having spent a semester in Boston, USA. My career as a teacher began for one single reason: I needed to change my life and do something I really enjoyed.

I´m originally from Rio de Janeiro, but nowadays I live in Brasília, the capital city of Brazil, and work at Casa Thomas Jefferson, a binational center where I´ve developed professionaly very much. I usually teach teens and adults, from 11 to 69 years old (this term). Teaching real adult beginners is really challenging, but I enjoy it, because those are the people we can see the progress day by day.

Nowadays, I`m focused on edutech programs, so whatever is related to teaching/learning with technology, just invite me and I´ll try to check it out. The internet is an amazing resource of both inspiration and tools, so why not taking advantage of what is available to make this world a better one?

My current interests involve:

  • using twitter for professional development (I haven´t found out a way to use it in class)
  • social networking
  • web 2.0 tools
  • computer mediated communication
  • beliefs in second language learning and e-learning
  • applied linguistics
  • technoloy integration into English teaching

My blog, interesting links and contact particulars

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