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My name is Elmira Nissim, I live in Israel, Netanya city. I am from Azerbaijan, I was born there and lived for 11 years. I had a wonderful childhood there, it was the best. We had a normal and fulfilling life, but the country was Muslim and we were Jewish so my parents didn't want us to live there anymore and wanted all of us live in Israel witch is our home. My mother wanted us to be happy that's why they made this decision. I always wanted to live in Israel, I was very happy in Azerbaijan but I knew that Israel is the place where I belong. Finally we decided to go to Israel. Moving from Azerbaijan was the hardest thing to do. I had friends there and I loved them very much. We couldn't say goodbye to everyone because we had to leave really early but a lot of friends came and said goodbye and most of them came to the airport with us. The minute we landed in Israel I knew that it is going to be great there. I wanted to learn Hebrew so much, because I wanted to have a lot of friends in Israel and I did. After 3 months living in Israel I learned Hebrew very well and I had a lot of friends. Now I am 18 years old and I study in Ort Guttmann School at 12th grade. Soon I am going to the army, a have left 4 months until then. Now I am focusing no my bagrut exams. I don't really know what I want to do in the future, but I do know that I want to have a family, husband and kids and to have a good job. All I want is for my parents to be happy and proud of me, but I know that no matter what I do or will do they will always be proud of me. My real dream is to be a psychiatrist because I always helped my friends and my family whenever they had any problem during their life. I am very good with that and I really love helping people. I think that is exactly what I want to do. First thing after the army I'll go to a good college and study to be a psychiatrist. Right now I have a boyfriend and we are two years together. I love him very much and I really see my future with him. I really want to marry him and have kids with him and so does he. He tells me that every day and I know that he means it. I will work very hard and I'll do anything to be happy, and make my children happy. I don't want to miss a thing in this life. I want to use this life and travel around the world and learn every day new things because life is short we have to use it.