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Blessed is the one that comes in the name of the Lord. Jesus Christ came in the name of the Lord and they that saw him welcomed him and others did not accept him. If a leader is rejected by a section of the community does it mean that one is not a leader? You need character to overcome that. Being a leader means knowing the purpose of your calling. You need a vision that moves you forward. A leader must know where he is going and what he is going to do when you get there. Ubuntu is part of the leadership facet of an African. What is Ubuntu/Unhu?

A leader should have a character (aka unhu) in the Shona language and Ubuntu in Zulu. Ubuntu relates to Leadership in that character is important. One has to leave a legacy of good leadership. The African saying is that inkunzi ibekwa ematholeni, i.e. a leaders are groomed from childhood. Below is a list of some of the pillars of leadership

  • character
  • people first
  • skilled communicator
  • compassionate
  • foresight
  • systems thinker
  • moral authority

For further reading on this subject, please visit the following website - [1]

The following pictures also help in understadning the subject-