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Identifies components:

  • external floppy drive/zip drive/thumb drive
  • scanner
  • router/satellite
  • ethernet cable
  • hub
  • fileserver


  • Control+Alt+Delete
  • Print screen
  • Ctrl shortcuts
  • number keys/numeric keypad

Uses the right mouse button to access shortcuts

Uses buttons to:

  • cut
  • paste
  • bold
  • underline
  • check spelling
  • copy
  • print
  • italicise
  • save
  • undo

Saves a file to own folder/floppy disk/thumb drive/external drive Retrieves, revises and saves changes to a document Moves and resizes windows Maximises and minimises windows Works from two or more open windows Uses Find/Search to locate specific files Uses Print Preview to view a document before printing Considers what needs to be printed Prints a selection/range of pages Uses drill/practice software