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Student should be able to work with fractions




  1. Explain/express equivalent fractions using place value or working them out in their exercise books
  2. Compare and order fractions with different denominations.


Mathematics Class 8. Teachers' Handbook Syllabus Outline Page 15


40 minutes (1 lesson)

Lesson Procedure

  • Equivalent means equal to. In fractions, although the denominator and numerator for two fractions may be different.

The two fraction can still be equal.

    #Example 1:
    1/2 compared to 2/4, compared to 3/6 are all equivalent.
  • Children nee a lot of practice using placed value to work with.To give them understanding of equivalent fractions.
    #Example 2:
    1/2, 2/4, 3/6 are all equal or equivalent. Fractions are equivalent if you turnn one into the other by multiplying or dividing 
    both the numerator and the denominator by the same factor or multiple.


Students to work out correct answers to exercise on the blackboard. Go over the exercises for revision.