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  • Understands the purpose/structure of a spreadsheet
  • Uses terms - cell, row, column
  • Identifies cell by address
  • Sort data according to desired criteria
  • States strengths and weaknesses of a spreadsheet
  • Enters data in active cells
  • Edits data in a cell
  • Formats cells - font, size, style, colour
  • Formats data to currency or number
  • Prints selected area of the spreadsheet
  • Changes column width and row height using mouse
  • Changes column width and row height using menus
  • Hides/unhides columns and rows
  • Adds/deletes rows and columns
  • Uses sum, +, -, * and / to construct simple formulae
  • Uses Fill down, Fill right commands
  • Uses mouse to Fill down, Fill right
  • Selects a range of cells to create a chart
  • Completes the chart wizard to create a line graph