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Hello to anyone out there looking in!

I'm in Sydney Australia. It is winter but the sun is shining brightly. I've registered in this wiki workshop becuase I have been working with wikis in HE for some time now and I'm interested to connect with others and see what they are doing or find new ideas for using the wiki. One example of a wiki i have worked on can be viewed here:

Looking forward to getting to know more about wikis (there are always new tricks!)


Note from Richard

(Comment.gif: Hi Elaine, you will soon get the hang of formatting by looking at the code - you can switch between Rich Editor and "normal" view - Richardnz 10:08, 22 July 2010 (UTC))

Different text colours can be achieved with a font tag: this is blue switched off then this is red.

If you type 4 tilde (~) marks, you will get a signature and timestamp inserted.

Feel free to delete these hints.

ElaineHUber 09:04, 27 July 2010 (UTC) this is me practicing my sig and time stamp

My Sandbox

My sandbox