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I was 12 years old when my parents bought theirs first cell phones and brought them home. The cell phones were simple, no games, no camera and not even a clock. Since then cell phones industry evolved in a very fast rate, which meant new technological upgrade every 6-12 months. At first the short message (SMS) option was added, after that the cell phone internet service and then the colorful cell phone system introduced to the market which later led to cell phone camera that could take pictures and shoot short videos. The drastic evolution of the cell phone, which is still continuing to develop, made me want to search for what caused it, why do people crave for high-tech mobile phones and how this craving affects the economy.

Effect On Economy

The cell phone industry, as all hi-tech industries, led to an economical revolution when it came to the market.

Before the cell phones came and became such a common asset, the communication industry focused mainly on the telephone and ways to communicate using your personal computer. The internet allowed PC users to send free of charge e-mails to each other instead of traditional letter which took much longer to get to its destination and also cost money. Later, the different on-line chatting software came and allowed friends to send instant messages to each on the internet. However, the fact that all of those services are free there were no big profit in this field of industry.

The cell phones brought a new era to the communication history. The first generation of cell phones came in 1983; they were based on a cellular network with many base stations located relatively close to each other and were designed for permanent installation in vehicles. The first company to produce a fully mobile cell phone was Motorola, back then the cell phone were much larger then they are now and mostly used by businessman.

Some years after the fist generation of cell phones came the second generation the third and then the forth. The advanced generation cell phone weighted less then the first generation cell phones and also included colorful system, cameras, internet access and high memory capacity which attracted lots of costumers, both young and older to buy these phones.

The cell phone manufactures also produce a large variety of cell phone-related accessories like pouches, accessories for hands free use of cellular phone in a vehicle and headphones which allow the user to talk on their mobile phone without taking it out of their pockets.

All of these things had a great effect on the economy of the world and still continue to affect on it directly to its fast rate of evolution.

Effect On Popular Culture

In the mid 80's cell phones came to the market, no one believed that they would change our lives forever.

The early communication devices such as radio transistors and TV made families came closer due to quality time spent together in front of the television/radio. Families spent a lot of hours sitting and listening to the radio or watching television.

The new hi-tech cell phones replaced both radio and television. Now days, mobile phones are equipped with TV-access, internet access, mp3 players inside the phone and GPS. The cell phone became more of a multi purpose computer and less a telephone with hundreds of millions owners around the globe. Options such as the short message service (SMS) enabled them to become means for transferring loop messages which have a negative effect on those who don’t use cell phones. Since nobody wants to be left outside simply because they don’t own a cell phone, children always ask their parents for the latest phones equipped with all possible options. Due to this, it's not a question anymore if a child gets a cell phone but when he gets it.

Today, the mobile phones are like a laboratory for testing the limits of technology and we could only imagine what new software and hardware would be added to the future cell phones to increase their sales.

Effect On Health

Since high technology became something wildly used, many health organizations started to organize researches regarding the influence of random technology devices on our health. Over the years health organizations monitored the levels of pollution from the factories and the radiation emitting from the different devices.

Before health organizations started to worry about cell phone radiation they were dealing with pollution from large factories. Most of the factories are located far from populated neighborhoods in order to prevent a direct affect on them but still case a threat to the environment. Although the government is trying to reduce pollution levels to minimum some, factories still pollute the air and drinking sources like streams and rivers.

The cell phones are a different story because they basically are low level radiation ejection devices that we attach to our ears while talking on them. Thanks to considerably low levels of radiation the ministry of health authorizes cell phone production. The low level of radiation aroused the suspicion of scientist who decided to test how the radiation affects the human health.

The tests approved that there is a long term damage caused by cell phone radiation. People who have used cell phones for 10 years have an increased number of tumors on the side of the head where they most often held the phone. Studies also indicate that after a 90 second talk the cells loose their polarity and integrity and are clumping together, these action lead to hypoxia - a lack of oxygen reaching the cells in the body's organs.

To sum up, the cell phone radiation does effects our health and it is not safe to spend hours talking on the cell phone. It's healthier to use your telephone which is much cheaper or the 'speaker' option that most cell phones have now.


The mobile phones are very small devices yet they changed our lives so much from the moment they first came to use. You no longer need to stay at home or go to a phone cell in order to make a call. You also don’t need to be home to check your email or send it because your cell phone is most likely to include the internet option which will allow you to do it from wherever you are at the moment. The cell phone industry had become a great source for jobs with million of employs all over the world starting to cell phone programmer to simple counter workers. The effects on the human bio structure on the other side weren’t so good. Tests showed that even a 90 second talk on the cell phone can cause damage to red blood cells and this is way its better to use the SMS option or the speaker option. Studies also indicate that people who used cell phone for 10 years had tumors in the head. On the cultural side, children started to use cell phones as a popularity tool and those who don’t own a cell often feel left outside. All of those things show the great amount of changes brought to use by the cell phone.


It's been an educational experience writing this project. I discovered a lot of new facts that I intend to use them in order to help my friends understand the effects of the cell phone on our society. I hope to take all to information I gathered in this project and use it further in my personal life as well as my studying.


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