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Health Services

People need health services to survive in todays world and governments through out the world have embarked in providing health services at any cost that may be brought about by todays economic downturn.


Men as the people who have been left out many heath services have now advanced their needs to their respective governments so that thay may also access relevant health services that would add value to their health.


However, women have enjoyed most of the health services through various programmes that were geared towards providing those heath services to them in the past. They are appealling to their governments to see them as different groups wiht different needs. They always argue that girl child would not need health services like adult women. Women need services that are focusing on their children and maternity issues. Gender based violance and rape in marriage including trauma are also issues that they would like to be covered.

Botswana Districts

  1. North East
  2. North West

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