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Crack Job Interviews in English : 40 Sureshot Questions and Success Techniques

About the session: Job Interview - exciting as it sounds, it also makes many non-native English speakers uneasy and confused, if the interview is to be conducted in English. You have to balance your fluency as well as content - appear composed, prepared and natural. If you focus a lot on fluency and pronunciation, you can become tense and under perform during the interview. If you focus on the questions and ignore the language, you might not be able to crack the job - especially if communication skills are an important part of the job. With recession showing no signs of abating, you need all the preparation you can for that coveted interview. With this real world dilemma, we will try and see how to ace that English Interview in this Online Live Class.

Class Outline : What will this Live Online Class Explain?

   * Most of the questions asked in job interviews [most and not all] are common across industries, countries and positions. Eduardo covers 40 most commonly asked questions related to Job Interviews in this Live Online Class.
   * The questions will be divided into 4 categories:
         o Professional
         o Educational
         o Behaviour
         o Personal
   * For each question, useful tips and examples would be provided for the candidate to answer the questions comfortably.
   * In addition, an explanation of the concepts in communication and applying the appropriate skills for job interview preparation for better success, would be provided as well.
   * Attendees would also be exposed to a live job interview environment [learning through activity and practice]. There would be a mock interview and common questions asked in four main categories of questions would be reviewed.
   * Attendees would be also given access to the pdf copy of the questions and the useful tips to revise later.

Who should attend and why?

   * This class can be a useful tool for undergraduates to equip themselves with sufficient skills especially in communication in order to be among the choice of future employers.
   * Although, the focus of this class would be students - this would also be useful for business professionals who are appearing for a interview and want to make it winsome.

About the presenter: Eduardo Martins Eduardo is an expert English teacher. He has been teaching English to professionals and university students for 11 years at various colleges.His expertise in training non-native English speakers come to speed in English as well as online teaching, makes him one of the best known Online English Language Teachers in Brazil. Recently he has worked on teaching English language to police officer aspirants in Brazil and professionals/ career people who need to communicate in English - all online. He is now expanding his teaching to all non-native English speakers around the world.

Eduardo - in the eyes of students:

   * As a young professional in a highly competitive technical field it is of outstanding importance to me a mastered English domain for business situations. In this way, Prof. Eduardo has helped me with classes focused in the mastering of key skills for a fluent spoken English in a typical business situation. In addition to grammar issues, which can be easily founded in books, Prof. Eduardo has given to me priceless orientation in pronunciation and listening issues. His method, mainly based in advanced e-learning technologies, is very suitable for a dynamic learning process, which can help someone like me who have no time to take traditional classes.
     --- Carlos Costa
   * I am going to talk a little about our English classes, which I have been enjoying very much. Since when we started our classes I have noticed my improvement in all abilities as such writing, speaking, reading and listening. Moreover, I feel really glad and I hope develop much more with your help.
     ---Celso França
   * I have studied English a lot of years during my life and I do not manage to speak fluently and with confidence. I feel that something was lacking. But, learning English with Teacher Eduardo was the way to obtain confidence and to achieve my dream of understand and speak English since his method is very objective and direct.
     ---Cleonilson Protásio de Souza (Doctor in Electrical Engineering

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