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I am Edwin Mugerezi, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of InfoBridge Marketing Limited. I am responsible for promoting and marketing the Company Products and Services through the Internet. Professionally I am a Land Surveyors with specialization, experience and interest in Spatial Technologies/Geomatics. I worked for two years as a Land Surveyors with the Dar es Salaam City Council, Tanzania (1982-84), I joined the Ardhi Institute (now Ardhi University) in Tanzania as a lecturer is Land Surveying and GIS (1984-2000),and in 2000 I started the first private company in Spatial Technologies Tanzania.
the CEO
The Company is InfoBridge Consultants Limited. Click here to visit our InfoBridge Website

About Infobridge

InfoBridge is a private Tanzanian company. It was established in 1998 and has consolidated its already firm position on the Geographical Information [GI] market in East Africa by focusing on supply of Satellite images, DEM, Geo-referenced spatial data and maps. InfoBridge provides GIS and satellite image application training and is the developer and supplier of the iPOINT GPS, an instant GIS data collection tool.

InfoBridge Products

Satellite Images

  1. Very High Resolution satellite Images – Quickbird (0.6m), Ikonos (1m), Kompsat (1m)
  2. High Resolution satellite images – Formosat (2m) Spot (2.5m), Spot (5m)
  3. Low Resolution satellite images – Spot (10m, 20m)


  • City Guide Maps – Dar es salaam, Arusha, Mwanza, Tanga, Dodoma, Mbeya


  • Basic topographical map data for urban and rural areas, that is road networks, rivers, buildings, settlements and administrative boundaries,


  • Establishing the Ground Control Points (GCP) for rectifying satellite images

• GPS data collection for populating the GIS databases • Developing GIS Applications • Spatial Technology Training • Compiling basic and thematic maps

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