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Contact-new.svg Kevin D. Rollins
Employer:New World University
Occupation:Economist, Software Developer, Instructional Designer
Cropped-nwulogo-80px-2.png This user participates in the open education initiatives of New World University.

My name is Kevin D. Rollins and I am the Programme Director for Economics and Public Policy at New World University.

I am using WikiEducator to foster collaboration around course design for the Economics programme as part of our OpenCourseWare Initiative of the Free Curricula Centre at New World University.

Commonwealth of Economics is our econ faculty site and will be used to track our progress and provide relevant and timely insights into economics. I have created a sister site here in WikiEducator to make it easy to find what we are working on. Commonwealth of Economics

A little about my background...

I spent the first decade of my career engaging public policy and economics from a free-market perspective. I was Managing Editor of Econ Journal Watch, a peer-reviewed journal that takes aim at the economics profession itself. Previously, I did research work with the Rio Grande Foundation and the Mercatus Center. My research focused on federal regulation, budget e-transparency, road safety, and higher education. I hold an M.A. in Economics from George Mason University.

After graduate school, I took a deep dive in to technology, working on several software startup projects. I am a full-stack Ruby on Rails developer, a certified Neo4j graph-database developer, as well as an increasingly seasoned Linux admin.