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My Personal Details

Leonard Omondi Akwany holds Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Management from Egerton University, Kenya and Masters in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management from consortium of European Universities; the University of Manchester, England, Lund University, Sweden, Central European University, Hungary and University of Aegean, Greece. Leonard Akwany is currently a PhD student in Water Governance at ITC, University of Twente, Netherlands. He is the Founder and Coordinator of Ecofinder Kenya ( based in Kisumu, Kenya.He is an Environmental Entreprenuer and works with grass-root young people and women for the improvement of their environment, health and livelihoods.Omondi also has undertaken short courses in Tropical Ecology Conservation and research in Kibale Forest National Park, Uganda by Tropical Biology Association, Lemurs and Forests of Madagascar in Manombo Special Reserve in Madagascar by Earthwatch Institute, Europe, Environmental Communication and Journalism by Daystar University, Kenya,Advanced Development Economics and Policy-Making in Entebbe, Uganda by SEATINI and OTHER CANON, Sustainable Development Science in Braunwald, Switzerland by Alliance for Global Sustainability and Participatory Rural Appraisal by Egerton University.

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Founder and Coordinator of Ecofinder Kenya, Leonard Akwany

My Work Experience

I am the founder and coordinator of Ecofinder Kenya which work with poor urban and rural wetland communities around Lake Victoria towards attainment of natural resources conservation and livelihood security. This is done by vibrant and innovative team of trained and untrained volunteers working at grass-root level in various thematic issues such as environmental education, training and capacity building, policy advocacy and lobby, ecosanitation, habitat restoration, ecological and socio- economic research and monitoring, nature based enterprises, sustainable agriculture and urban waste management. These initiatives have attracted the support of local, regional and international supporters such as Kenya Community Development Foundation, Friends of Lake Victoria (OSIENALA), Nature Kenya, Nile Basin Initiative, IUCN Netherlands, Rufford Small Grants for Nature Conservation, UK, Idea Wild, USA, Seeds for Africa, UK and African Bird Club, UK. These endeavours made Akwany to win the First Pan-African Entrepreneurial Teachers Award presented to him in Paraguay, South America by Teach A Man To Fish, UK and Educating Africa.

I have also worked with Ecological Society for Eastern Africa, OSIENALA (Friends of Lake Victoria) and Millenium Villages Project, Sauri Village in Kenya.

My Professtional Topics of Interest

Akwany’s academic and professional ambition is to work on the nexus between society, economy and environment-sustainable development. Endeavouring to tackle the challenges of why some countries remain rich, others poor and why Sub-Saharan Africa despite endowment with enormous natural resources, abject poverty has found heaven or is a common place. He is interested in areas of community based natural resources management, environmental entrepreneurship, conservation funding, environmental policy and assessment, global change, leadership and geographical tools such as geographical information systems and remote sensing.

The following thematic topics forms the cornerstone of my interest

  • Environmental Policy and Governance
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Entreprenuership
  • Participatory GIS and Web2forDev
  • Applied Theatre and Puppetry

My Article

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