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About Me

  1. I am the Information Technology Coordinator at the St. Andrew's Primary School
    School Crest
  2. I like to watch movies, read and play video games.
  3. I'm interested in emerging technologies which make learning easier and more interesting.
  4. I am an avid Rally fan and certified motor sport Marshall

Qualifications and Experience

  • certificate in desktop publishing
  • Certificate in computer repair and maintenance

Government's Technology Aim

  1. To provide access for all Barbadians to Technology
  2. To have all Barbadians computer Literate
  3. To have one graduate in each household by 2020

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A Basic summary of government's intentions are:
  • To improve our knowledge skills and improve the ability of Bajans to communicate with the outside world

This is the home page wikieducator

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L4C Logo
L4C Logo at the COL]

Here is the home page for one of our Education Officers Mr.Burgess

Here is the home page for one of our Education Officers Mr.Lowe

Here is the home page for one of our ITCS Ms. Chinnery

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You can view the school's website at St.Andrew's Primary --Dwood 19:22, 5 November 2008 (UTC)