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duke crawford is about language learners liking to share translations

meanwhile i'm gonna get something off my chest for the minute monkeysphere of who knows what

you can call me mr grumpy because i have password anxiety.. further, i've had it with all these freaking blogs and passwords and a billion people screaming for attention.. who cares? i mean so what if you get a lotta hits or whatever? ok enough complaining.. what do i want?

here's what i want: i wanna know if you agree or disagree with me, point by point.. i wanna know what you think and what you value.. i wanna be able to see where we agree and disagree more precisely than generally.. why?

so we can make agreements, test trusting each other, work together, get amazing things done.. above website does NOT do this, but a baby step toward this is in the works

you can reply to this but fat chance i'll return here regularly.. 50 freaking million webpages are screaming look at me look at me look at me log into me what is your password did you forget it oh you can't play here unless you have a password with me, now please fill in all you pictures and friend and learning networks and links and comments and accounts and FML there's gotta be a better way