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[[|]]My Sandbox - time to give things a go.

Heading One

Heading Two

Heading Three

  • This is the first on my list
  • This is the second on my list
  • This is the third on my list

To DO List

What would I like to know how to do in WikiEducator?

  • insert video
  • change font colour?
  • link internet sites
  • insert youtube files

Linking to an external site:

eXe Web Site

A good search engine

Linking to an internal site:Learning4Content

Creating a New Page

My Booklist

Creating an interwiki link




Inserting an Image


First Thumbnail:

This is my first thumbnail

Inserting an image with a frame:

This is my image. However if you want to brush up on old Wikieducator news, go .

Changing the size of the image:

Picture of tanya.jpg

Inserting Media

piped link text goes here