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1.To define Educational Technology

2.To distinguish different types

3.To describe the applications of Educational Technology

4.To To describe Abraham Maslow's Cone of Experiences

5.To describe the latest trends in Educational Technology

"Educational Technology is that branch of educational theory and practice where it is concerned primarily with design and use of message which controls the learning process".

Educational Technology has developed from simple instructional aids to the recent 'e' learning technology through the following four Distinct phases: Audio visual education phase
Concept technology phase
Systems technology phase
Electronic and interactive technology

You may be aware that we learn 1.0 per cent through TASTE
1.5 per cent through TOUCH
3 0.5 per cent through SMELL
11.0 per cent through HEARING
83.0 per cent through SIGHT

We remember 20 per cent of what we HEAR
30 per cent of what we SEE
50 per cent of what we SEE and HEAR
80 per cent of what we SAY
90 per cent of what we SAY and DO  Educational Technology deals with the following aspects in the process of teaching, learning and evaluation.
Curriculum Development
Teaching Styles
Learning Styles
Human and Material Resources
Technology in Education The technology in education serves the following purposes: i.It provides the needed appliances, equipments, mass media for realization of different purposes and functions of education.
ii.It enables training the teachers to handle and make optimum use of equipment.
iii.It develops positive attitude towards these appliances.
iv. It helps to use the appliances in individualized and group learning for achieving the goals of education.

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Technology Time Genre
Print 300 BC to 1700 AD I
Television 1900 AD to 1960 AD II
Computer Assisted Instruction 1960 - 1900 AD III

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1. Define Educational Technology
2. Write three types of Technologies
3. Discuss how human beings learn.

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Did you know

Educational Technology is not only related to technology alone. It is mainly related to the ideas related to the use of ideas in education. Even a small idea may lead to a big revolution.

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1. Who invented computers?
2. Is Educational Technology and Technology of Education the same?
3. What do you mean by Instructional Design?

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