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When i finished my meal, she helped to carry the tray back to the kitchen. I protested and told her that she was my guest but she smiled and answered that she wanted to talk to my mum and dad. I felt foolish again. Now that I knew who she was, I wanted her to be with me as we had not talked about what had happened on the road and the hospital. She went out before I could stop her and I heard her chatting with my mum for quite a while. I felt frustrated stuck in my bed. I called my mum after a while and asked her to move me to the window. Helena came to help as well and this time she stayed when my mum went out after fixing the bed sheets around my legs. She stood by the window looking outside at the beautiful weather and the bright day. The midday sun had almost reached the window sill and provided a pleasant light for me to observe and admire her. For some moments she was lost in her own thoughts and I didn't disturb her. She realised that I was watching her intently and turned towards me with a generous smile.

What was she going to say now? i dreaded this moment but there was fondness in her voice. "It feels good to be back after so many years. I'm here for a month then I'll have to go back to complete my graduation. Can I come over to meet and talk to you?" I didn't know what to say. She had just bowled me out and I was literally lying flat out on the bed helpless. My mind was racing again to find a way out. I was hating my ill luck. She would be here for a month and I would be stuck in bed. I simply stammered: "Yes sure. You're most welcome. You don't have to ask. We're friends, aren't we?"


Writing a text with the 1st person singular narrative is quite tiring and requires a lot of attention to details so as to share the experience with the reader