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A place for me to play!




Error in widget Twitter


Error in widget SlideShare

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what does this do? - ok - i want to box something like this but be able to format too ... hmmm 

ok how about this


//this is a test of this//

Using pre

this is formatted using the <pre> code

using a space

This is preformatted using a space at the beginning of the line

using code from wikispaces

this has some html code within a div - this example doesn't have a heading

This one has some bullet points
  1. one
  2. two
  3. three

  • this header 1

  • this is header 2

  1. this is header 3

  2. =this is header 1 using wikitext=
  3. ==this is header 2 using wikitext==
  4. ===this is header 3 using wikitext===
  • this is bold using html
  • this is italic using html

learning, unlearning, relearning

This will display the link with the slash ("/") like this: /Tiger, which may be a bit confusing to some readers.

There are two ways you can fix this. Either

  1. Add an extra slash: [[/Tiger/]] at the end of your link (which "tells" the wiki software not to display the preceding slash) or
  2. create a piped link, for example: [[/Tiger|Tiger]]. This is useful when the page link contains a number of slash arguments, or you want to display a more descriptive title to the user. Both of these methods will result in a link like this:

This is actually a subpage of the current page.


[eL4C29 workshop]

  • Insert an image already on wikieducator & resize
  • Upload and insert an image & resize
  • Create a gallery

Playing with eXe templates

Icon objectives.jpg
The objectives of this course are:
  • for me to gain more skills in using a wiki
  • for me to develop content for others to use
  • for me to use Open Source software whenever I can and
  • for me to encourage others to use open source as well

I seem to have had some problems formatting when i had the images separated with "" and "" around them

Icon assess.gif


Answer the following questions after reading through the assigned text

Icon qmark.gif


Question 1. How many?

Icon qmark.gif


Question 2. Who?

Icon qmark.gif


  1. when?
    • hour?
    • day?
    • month?
  2. which?
  3. why?

Icon activity.jpg
Enter your text here

Icon activity.jpg

Portfolio Activity

Enter your text here

Icon multimedia.gif


JMF Wiki intro.mp3

Thoughts for the discussion groups

OER Resources

  • What I call sharing my students call pinching/stealing.
  • Primary schools are probably most open about OER because we're already practising OER within our school environments
Think about it - sitting in the staff room chatting about what you've done in the classroom - someone says "Why don't you try doing ...?" and you've got another idea or activity to add to what you've already planned.
Or someone is having a hard time coming up with how to teach something and you offer them copies of all your work.
  • It's OER in practise.
  • We also don't do a lot of work from text books.
  • We create and recreate and adapt resources all the time.


Table for writing instructions

Criteria for writing instructions

a) Purpose The title shows which crystals will be grown.

b) Equipment All the equipment needed to play the game.

c) Steps All the things that have to be done are recorded and each step is written on a new line.

e) Logical sequence The steps are in the same order of how the game is played.

f) Verbs Each step begins with the action word that tells the reader what to do.

g) Present tense All instructions are written in the present tense.

h) Illustrations Instructions can have pictures. The pictures add understanding to the instructions.

Playing with other templates