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Honourable Vice Chancellor Dr Rajan Welukar has the vision that University of Mumbai should lead the other universities by setting an example. University of Mumbai is the first traditional University to start this OER Venture that will take quality education global audience.

Dr Rajpal Hande, Director Board of Colleges and Universities Development guided the venture in the right direction.

OER is a unique forum where all senior and eminent academicians have gathered to support to the Mumbai University’s responses to global developments in higher education sector. We are creating a ‘Knowledge Hub’ in India by joint initiatives of the Mumbai University and Commonwealth of Learning.

Aim: The University aims at reaching to the farthest student under its purview and take the knowledge to the doorstep of the students. Not only does it aim to provide quality reading material to its own students but also wants it become a global reference material on the topics selected.

Project Coordinator: Dr Kavita Laghate

Editors: Dr Rekha Mahadeshwar, Asha Gala, Aggies Menezes, Varsha Malwade

Technical Support: Dr Sujata Dhopte, Rajan Nandola }}


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'''Work in Progress'''